How do you forgive the person who takes your family? Eli Yoder, a misguided Amish youth, has struggled with this question every day since he was nine. True to Amish tradition, everyone he knows has moved on with their lives except him. Shamed by his unwillingness to forgive, Eli leaves home during rumspringa, the time of 'running around' for Amish youth before they accept their faith, and searches for acceptance from the Outside World. Here a surprising friendship teaches Eli how to laugh again and prepares him  to confront the biggest questions of his life.

Inspired by a true story of forgiveness and written in simple, striking prose, Holly Payne paints a detailed portrait of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania–its countryside, its markets, and the inner-workings of its homes–giving the reader an authentic perspective on the Amish that's rare in literature.

For anyone who seeks forgiveness or is confronted with the choice to forgive, Kingdom of Simplicity is an invitation to live from the heart and heal...


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