Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award 2010 for best first book from a new press
Grand prize winner of the 19th annual Writers Digest Self-Published Book Awards 2011
Named to the mandatory reading list for high school students in Ghent, Belgium, 2012
Nominated for a National Book Award in Belgium (winner to be announced in May 2013)
Translated and published in the Netherlands, Taiwan, and soon China

Translated and published in the Netherland, Taiwan, and soon China.Translated and published in the Netherland, Taiwan, and soon China.

Experience the healing power of forgiveness.

"KINGDOM OF SIMPLICITY tells a story about scars, literal and metaphoric. Like the culture of the Amish she has chosen to explore, Holly Payne tells a  gripping story with quiet grace, economy and contained (but never absent) emotion. It's a gem."

                  - Joyce Maynard

"Holly Payne has graced us with a guide to forgiveness through the mechanism of an enjoyable and well-written story. Rich characters and compelling insights allow us to understand and hopefully use the peace her protagonist struggles to find...."

-Frederic Luskin, Ph.D. author of Forgive for Good
director of Stanford Forgiveness Projects

"I marveled at the depth of research and felt completely immersed in the culture and customs of the Pennsylvania Amish. With persistently graceful prose, Holly Payne builds a world that we are heartbroken to leave when the story ends.  A beautiful, literary treasure box." 

                - Erika Mailman, author  of The Witch's Trinity

"An unforgettable tale of loss, hope, and redemption that establishes Holly Payne as one of our finest literary fiction writers . . . Eli's journey resonates with our human need to find meaning in an often incomprehensible world."

         -C.W. Gortner, author of The Last Queen